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Millions of men and women struggle daily with the effects of pattern baldness or naturally fine or
thinning hair. Regency Cosmetics proudly presents My Secret Hair Enhancing Products to help you
both prevent and counteract a major cause of pattern baldness and temporarily add volume, texture

and color to your hair so you will look as good as you feel!

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What is DHT?

Male and female pattern baldness (medically known as Androgenetic alopecia) has been tied to a group of hormones known as androgens which includes testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Both androgens are found in men’s bodies in large amounts and in women’s bodies in lesser amounts. When testosterone comes into contact with the enzyme 5-alpha reductase found in the hair follicles, it is converted into the derivative DHT. The more potent androgen DHT then binds with genetically susceptible receptors in scalp follicles.

As we age, DHT builds up in the hair follicles and over time leads to follicle shrinking. This process causes follicles to become unable to produce and maintain normal hair growth, interrupting the natural hair-growth/replacement cycle and resulting in hair loss.

Hair loss in both males and females normally starts by the age of 30 or even earlier. Male pattern baldness is generally characterized by a receding hairline and/or crown balding while female pattern baldness is more typically a thinning of hair over the entire scalp with more obvious loss at the crown and hairline.

My Secret DHT Blocker System Follicle Cleanser & Scalp Absorbent Shampoo penetrates the hair shaft and follicle, breaking up and eliminating the layers of DHT buildup and flushing the follicles clean to allow normal follicle function.

My Secret Hair Enhancing Shampoo With DHT Blocker System Conditioning Formula penetrates the hair shaft and follicle, breaking up and eliminating layers of DHT buildlup and flushing follicles clean while adding softness and volume to your hair without weighing it down with heavy chemicals.

IMPORTANT: frequency of use and length of time in your hair and on your scalp are factors when using the My Secret Hair Enhancing Products. Unlike most commercial shampoos which can be applied and rinsed out quickly, My Secret Hair Enhancing Shampoos require a longer time in your hair and on your scalp for the DHT Blocker System to work. It is recommended that the product be used at least three times weekly, and refer to the directions on each product label for the length of time the product needs to remain on the hair and scalp before rinsing thoroughly.

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My Secret Hair Enhancer
The perfect solution to acheive a full looking head of Hair Instantly

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